2022 Customer Feedback

December 5, 2022

Hello, I'm Mitchell Dirnberger from Chaffee High School. I am the Shop teacher down here and we recently bought your plans and DVD for the "Building an Elegant Rocking Chair". I was wondering if there was any way I could get a CAD set of the plans? Only reason I ask is that working with students, sometimes the templates all get messed up or wind up missing/broke. I was just wanting a spare set to print out on our plotter if the need ever arose..If not, I understand.

We love your work and have made 2 rocking chairs from your videos! Unfortunately, we had to buy all the material again because it all came up missing after some unfortunate circumstances. Attached you will find the two different chairs that were made in the past. We are making another pure walnut chair this year!

Mitchell D.

November, 17 2022

Scott - nearly finished with my first rocker. I've learned a lot and am ready to take on 2 more. There is one area I'm having trouble with and that is the rear maloof joint. I cannot seem to get the radius in the corners to align very well - where the 1/4" rabbet and 5 degree rabbet bits meet (both top and bottom). I'm hoping you can send along some tips? Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike J.

November 14, 2022

Scott, you did it again. I won the "Best of Show" at the Arizona State Fair for the sculpted tea chair. Your plans were super and the walnut chair came out perfectly. I should add that the winnings were $7, so I do not know if I can retire on that. As you know, I have built three rocking chairs and several tables, all winners. All went to my grandchildren who think I am great. I also won the fair for an acoustic guitar I built. That was a challenge. Need more designs and a schedule for you, perhaps I could visit and event.

Eric L.


Good morning Scott. I am sending you pictures of the three chairs, with wet finish. When they are completely dry I will take some glamor photos and send it to you. The templates are very accurate and make it easy to assemble. Two will go in our sun room and third one will be my shop chair. Now I have to build a table for them. I have a question. What is the standard table height for these chairs? It will be used for snacks and drinks and not for dining. I came up with 36 inches but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks a lot.


August 28, 2022

Good morning Currently I’m subscribing ( monthly) and have been studying the low back chair. I have just ordered the templates for said chair, but now wondering about using the butterfly joinery. The joinery is both attractive as well as intriguing. I noticed that it is trademarked, I’m not sure what that means. Are there separate templates ( looks like their might be) or is the production for your use only?

Regarding your videos; as a retired educator I admire how you have taken complex concepts and broken them into minimalistic concise details, nothing is left to chance. You make things seem easy ( which they are not). The quality of instruction must have taken much fore thought, preparation, and editing. Thank you. Sincerely,

Bill D.

August 12, 2022

Hi Scott, I finished my bar stool and really enjoyed the project. It is not as sleek and perfect as yours but I had fun doing it. I actually cut the walnut tree from my farm and cut the lumber on my sawmill, so it is kind of special for me. However my wife says that we can't have only one bar stool so I am starting on another one. I am attaching some pictures.

Gary G.

June 16, 2022

Scott, Thanks for your help. Feel free to use the photo.

Bill DM

May 1, 2022

Hello Scott: I was just wondering if you ever entertained teaching live classes. The work you do is beatuful. Thank You

John M.

April 18, 2022

Scott Hope you are well. I finished my stool build. I made a prototype from cherry. I then modified the plan after feedback from family and made four stools from walnut. Thank you so much. The instructional videos are extremely well done and clear to understand. Thank you

Eric M.

February 11, 2022

Just finished. Thank you for the great video

B Smith

February 3, 2022

Dear Mr. Morrison, A year and a half ago I contacted you regarding the cradle I was building for my daughter. Project turned out as a pinnacle in my hobby woodworking career and I hope it'll last as such (sentimental value).

In octobre I had a litter of australian shepherds and one of the new owners works in a national agency that promotes the use of wood. She was amazed by the cradle and is begging me to show it at a small designer festival. Can I exhibit it? And if you have any, at what conditions?

Best regards and I hope you're doing fine

Sandi K.

January 21, 2022

Hi Scott, To close the loop on this, I thought I’d share some pics of my final bench. Many details came from your plans and DVD’s, with some adjustments to suit my wife’s request. I won’t point out the numerous flaws in my execution (although, overall I think I did ok).

I plan to try your armless bar stools next for our kitchen island. I see you have a video on a similar stool, so I’ll start there.

Thanks again! I did give you shout outs on Sawmill Creek forum too, so hopefully that sends additional business your way.

Bob R.

January 7, 2022

Hey Scott, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to finish my first simple rocker following your videos. I've attached some images.

Thanks again for a great product!

Kevin S.