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Rocking Chairs and Custom Furniture

...handmade, heirloom quality and built to last.  I invite you to experience the look, feel, quality and comfort of one of these handmade pieces.

My custom rocking chair instructional videos and templates will guide you through the process of building your own custom chairs.

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custom rocking chairs

Chair Building

The human body, although as varied as wood grain itself, still wants to be comfortable.  With this in mind, I've designed my instructional plans to result in rocking chairs with exceptional lumbar support, sculpted seats, headrests and arms.  They will cradle your body as though it were made just for the rocking chair instead of the reverse.

Read more about my chair building process...

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Thinking Outside the Chair

Woodworking is my passion - and building custom chairs was what made that passion burn. The challenges of creating a thing of beauty, lasting strength, pleasing form and sensual comfort are numerous and forced me to continually revise my pieces.

I hope to empart this same feeling to all of my chair-building customers.  That they should learn from previous designers and add their own touch while pushing their own boundries. I had refused to accept the notion that I had mastered my craft; complacency and status quo have no place in the workshop. More about me, including exhibits and awards...

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The Perfect Rocking Chair takes the eye of an artist, the hand of a craftsman and the design skills of an engineer.  Sam Maloof embodies all of these traits and, in case you haven't surmised, is one of my biggest influences.

Not only has Sam helped change the perception and attitudes of consumers all over the world, but he has been instrumental in bringing the craft of woodworking to new levels.

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Coming Soon: New Deck Chair

Looking for some sturdy deck seating?  If you have a router and some bits, then this new piece from Scott Morrison Fine Woodworker is for you.

Take a look at our deck chair and decide for yourself.  It's literally a weekend project, easy to make and quick to build.  This guy is so sturdy even the most rotund of you will be supported.  I mean seriously your 10 year old can build this...

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