benefits of rocking

benefits of rocking

Science has proven that a rocking motion has a therapeutic effect on humans. When rocking in a rocking chair the blood pressure falls and respiration slows. The physical act of rocking taps into a pleasure center located in the brain somewhere between the one for chocolate and the one for music.

nursing mothers

A Texas study concluded that new mothers recovering from C-sections reduced their hospital stay by a full day by rocking an hour a day. Rocking chairs have undergone some remarkable improvements over the years. They can help make those late night feedings more comfortable and easier on you and more soothing for your baby. The back and forth motion can calm a crying baby, help ease any lower back pain on your side, and reduce the stress associated with interrupted sleep patterns.

Rocking chairs should have roomy seats and armrests that come up high enough to make breastfeeding or bottle feeding easy and comfortable. They should also be constructed solid and tight, as the worst thing in the world is to have a loose rocking chair that squeaks as you rock or even worse when you get up to put the baby in the bed!

rock to stay young

Unfortunately, we all age. Science has proven, however, that this inevitable process can be dramatically slowed by increasing ones fitness level. Long walks, proper diet and decreasing body fat all contribute to this goal. Most Americans, however, remain squarely planted in front of the television for longer than what is considered healthy. To offset these periods of idleness, why not make yourself younger and fitter by using your muscles to increase fitness? The large thigh muscles required to create and sustain a rocking motion in a rocking chair will require additional blood-flow and improve oxygen uptake over siting motionless.

The longer you rock, the younger you get!

weight loss

Everyone wants to get into, or stay in shape. By rocking in a rocking chair, you are using some of the largest muscles in your body, namely your thighs, to gently push yourself back and forth, thereby increasing blood flow and burning calories. Instead of sitting idly, why not experience the added benefit of increasing your fitness by rocking, even while watching television.

Working out has never been more fun!