2016 Customer Feedback

December 31st, 2016

Scott here is my first attempt at building the Maloof Rocker per your instructions (I watched the DVD till I expected you to walk in for Coffee one morning LOL) I send these photos knowing the quality may be lack luster but you can see enough to give me a Professional advice to improve the next project. I tried to followed your instructions but must admit I used my eye as you suggested to try to make the rocker to look sleek and flowing this is something I normally do in my construction process, to try to enhance the eye appeal of a project. If you don't think it would damage your reputation when I post this rocker on Lumber jocks I will state the fact I used you plans. By the way I am impressed with the way you are able to cut those short radius on the band saw. What type blade do you use? I have a 17" band saw using a Wood Slicer 1/2 resaw blade which cuts smooth, fast, it is quite and smooth running but the radius cut is limited. (1/2" is the smallest Highland offers this blade) I am always interested in improvements, it has been a joy using you instructions and building this chair. Thanks for your feedback, Happy New Year may your day be blessed.

Oneal H.

December 19th, 2016

Hi Scott, My spam filter must have not only segregated it, but also deleted it. In any case, thanks so much! I am going to read today and start pulling wood tomorrow. It is going to be wonderful to have another Morrison design in the home. I attached my summer's work, six lowbacks for our dining table. Two highbacks, using your templates, complete the set. All the best. Steve

Steve H.

October 19th, 2016

Hello Scott, Some follow-up and a couple questions: I needed to ship my Elegant Rocker from Seattle to my daughter in Bethesda, MD but found it prohibitively expensive. I had other reasons to visit the east coast, so I put the chair in my station wagon (with my dog) and delivered it myself. See attached photo of the chair in Bethesda. At this point, three of my four children have rockers I built from your plans: two Simple and one Elegant. I have one more child who is "chairless" and I am considering building him one of your Dining Chairs, perhaps followed by a set for my wife and me. Of course, I already have the Elegant Rocker DVD, but not one of the other DVDs recommended on your web site to facilitate construction of a Dining Chair. Is there any reason why one or the other of those would be better for my purpose -- building a Dining Chair? Any recommendations about species of wood for a Dining Chair? I'm particularly interested in structural integrity. Let me say again how very much I have enjoyed the experience of building chairs to your designs with the aid of your templates and DVDs. Dan Paull Seattle

Dan P.

August 3rd, 2016

Hi Scott. I'm just finishing my fourth chair, the first being your Montana chair and the others being your Elegant chair. The chair pictured is walnut. Some I've made are sepele, an. african hardwood. For some reason its hard to purchased good walnut. The grading is so poor. Your DVDs are excellent and easy to follow. Thanks for all your efforts. I have given each of my three sons chairs to remember the Old Man by. My next project is to make my wife a rocker out of walnut. By then it will be time to elk hunt. Sharon and I will be in Livingston next week. If it works out I would love to drive down and see your shop. Thanks again. Gary

Gary L.

June 21st, 2016

Scott I used your templates for the Maloof low back chair and could not be more pleased with the result. Initially I was thinking of building this chair only from pictures but opted for your templates instead. The resulting lines are impressive! I placed the front leg attachment screws horizontally. The wood is cherry with a green/blue dye. Thanks.

by Anonymous

June 3rd, 2016

Scott, I just want to say thank you for your video and templates. I am a 65 year old, retired electrician (since March of 2015) and was looking for a hobby to do in my shop. I started making cutting boards because my wife thought it would be nice to have a hand made one in her kitchen. Six months and a lot of cutting boards later, I became very bored and after seeing the story about Sam Maloof on YouTube, I decided I was going to build a rocking chair. The friends I told laughed saying I would never be able to do that BUT, they didn’t know about your video. I have attached pictures of the first two chairs and am in the process of oiling #3. The first chair took me about six weeks from creating the templates to surrendering the chair to my wife but the second chair took about three weeks. The next one will be cut from African Mahogany. I just want you to know what a wonderful instructor you are. The video was well produced and very informative. Without it, I would still be making cutting boards. The Truth will stay in the past but, a Lie will live on forever. Thanks Again,

Art P.

May 23rd, 2016

Dear Scott, Here are some chairs I have made from your plans.

Ronald F.

April 22nd, 2016

Scott, Just put the third coat of finish today and I thought you would be the first one to share my work with since the design was greatly influenced by your rocker cradle. I did purchase your DVD a while back and watched it many times (It was a great help). I have been woodworking for 3 years and this is my second "big" project. First project was a mission style crib for my first son, and this cradle is for his newborn sister. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks,

Amr E.

March 10th, 2016

Good morning Scott, I hope all is well with you and your wife. The last time we talked you were on your way to discuss some business In another state. How did that go? I have just received some info about the Heart of the West Art Show in Bozeman. Do you know anything about that show? Is it worth entering? I thought that I would forward to you my photos of three pieces that you might want to see.

Gary K.

February 14th, 2016

Hello Scott. The pictures below show my first attempt to build a simple rocker. Because of your excellent DVD the task went smoothly. I'm considering ordering your elegant rocker DVD. I have a complete shop with the exception of a lathe. It would appear one is needed to turn the front legs. I have some of the required carving equipment but I'm wondering exactly what product you use for the 24 grit disc. Also, do you use a soft pad with the 24 grit disc? My first chair is made using cherry. I have three sons and I'm making each one a rocker to remember the old man by. We all fly fish and elk hunt together. Life is good. I'm retired after building custom homes for 34 years. Thanks for your time.

Gary L.

January 28th, 2016

Hey Scott! We had spoke some time ago, and i wanted to show you the final outcome of the rocking chair. Your instructional video and templates were incredible helpful and made it all possible, thanks for taking the time to make it. Thank you again Joe

Joseph L.

January 17th, 2016

I have finished two of three of your barstools-- on a side note I won best of show at the Pearl River Woodcarvers show in jackson MS.

Steve J.