2015 Customer Feedback

November 23rd, 2015

Scott, Just finished building the elegant rocking chair as a gift to my wife before the birth of our daughter, she loved it. The DVD and plans made it easy to follow along since this was the first chair I have ever built...I just ordered the plans for the side table and low-back chair. One question I had for you is what kind of bandsaw blade are you using to get the smooth cuts you get on the bandsaw? My curves were coming out rougher and required more shaping with rasps, I was using a 1/4” hook blade to do most of the cutting. Thanks for your help.


November 11th, 2015

Good morning Scott I feel I know you after watching you for so many hours during the subject rocking chair build. I am attaching some pictures to show how my son lead the way in 2012 building the cherry version which he donated to a JDRF Gala fundraiser as he is a type I diabetic. I was/am incredibly proud of not only his generosity but the skill that he demonstrated in building the rocker after only a few years of wood working. I on the other hand have been building furniture for 35 years but didn’t have the nerve to try this project myself until a month or so ago. My son Craig sent me (he lives in Missoula and I in Grand Rapids MI) his templates and router bits and off I went. Your instruction via your videos is first class -you are a born teacher and for that I am so grateful. I cannot imagine doing such a project “unguided” Thanks for your valuable contribution to people like me and my son for without it we would be confined to square corners and parallel edges


October 26th, 2015

Finished four more chairs for my daughters home in Long Beach Ca. Used 12/4 for the legs and book match 8/4 for seat. Now working on the bench. Thanks for all your help.

Don P.

October 18th, 2015

Scott, thank you for the quick replies to my emails when I had questions during construction of the rocking chair. Your time and quick responses were really appreciated. I started by making a practice piece out of construction lumber and an actual one out of cherry. I want to dedicate the chair to two people. First, my 92 year old dad who started me down the never ending winding path of all things woodworking. Second is to my wife who put up with me building one more piece of furniture when our house is already overflowing with previous projects. During the build I took photos and recorded what I went through. You can follow my progress from start to finish at www.thisoldspouse74.blogspot.com

Dave B.

September 5th, 2015

Thanks for the great plans, easy to follow. I made a simple Rocker, my very first wood working project. I am hooked now. I have made several more since the first one and I'm hooked. They keep getting better as I go.

Adam Q.

August 30th, 2015

Won First Place, Best of Division, Best of Show and Judges Choice. Made with Turkish Walnut with Ebony buttons.

Jim Suiter

August 8th, 2015

Dear Scott, just finished the little bar stool and very happy with the result. You see here my first rocker my first low back and the bar stool with the small table as well. I have enjoyed each and every piece I have made and I think your videos and templates make things so easy to follow. If anyone had told me that I could start making these things at age 79 I would not have believed them. Now in my 81 year I find my arthritic shoulder and hands makes sanding a challenge. I have to do a little each day and quit when it hurts. The satisfaction of seeing that walnut pop with the first coat of oil makes it all worthwhile. I think I told you my wife has Alzheimer's so I am pretty well confined to the house. My woodworking has helped me survive and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. I wish I had started earlier but delivering 5000 babies made that impossible.

Bill T.

July 25th, 2015

Dear Scott, To keep it simple…. I am Hooked!

Scott H.

July 25th, 2015

Hi Scott, I bought your plans for the Tea Party Chair and made a modified version of it as a low stool, similar to one I saw in your image gallery. Thanks for the inspiration! Some day I plan on making a rocker.


June 23rd, 2015

Scott, Thanks for the great plans. It was a challenge but I learned a lot of new skills.

Mike F.

June 23rd, 2015

I just completed my rocker out of Walnut and Lacewood. The wood contrast is perfect. I modified the plan slightly to include bent laminated slats to highlight the lacewood's grain. Scott - I would like to thank you for taking your time to answer my multiple calls and walk me through the process of replacing the runners after I had to re-install them.

Jonathan S.

June 4th, 2015

Hi Scott, I have made several pieces of furniture from you templates and DVD's and I thought that I would show you my version of the music stand. I added wood to the music holder to better accommodate my music books and cut it a bit shorter. Please note your barstools and shoe bench in the background. I also built two simple rockers for my deck out of standard redwood from the local hardware store and they are seen looking out the window!


June 4th, 2015

Hi Scott, I have a couple ideas for the titles of your next DVD package: 1) "The Terrors of Climb Cutting with Your Router", or 2) "Real Time Sanding of the Elegant Rocker: a 12 DVD Set". Wow... these are a lot of work! It was ambitious (possibly crazy) to attempt this for the first time with the pressure of having to do it for a customer. The chair is complete and already has been delivered to my customer. As you can see from the photos, I had to alter the design a little to accommodate their specific requests, but for the most part, I believe it's a good effort for my first time. Many thanks again for your assistance and inspiration. I look forward to building another one soon.


May 17th, 2015

Before and after pictures of my first double rocking chair seat.

Don P.

May 12th, 2015

Scott, Wanted to share these pictures. Fun to make. Thanks for your instructional videos. Next project double Rocking Chair.

Don P.

May 11th, 2015

Hey Scott, Hard to believe it's been almost 6 months since I ordered your DVDs and templates for the elegant rocker, but it's finally underway and I'm making good progress so far (although my fitting of the arms today was a nightmare... I don't think I flattened the back leg correctly, but I did get it eventually). I don't think I've ever taken on a project where there was so much potential for jeopardizing the entire piece with each step! It has been exciting, educational, and completely terrifying. But, I never could have done it without you. I'm sure I've watched the entire DVD set at least a dozen times at this point. This project has been a great excuse/reason to invest in some new tools, too (especially the 5 degree bits and grinder wheels). I though you might get a kick out of this, though... I mistakenly ordered the wrong coarse wheel for shaping the seat, and received a tiny 2" wheel that was kind of useless. While waiting for the right wheel to arrive, I ended up carving out the whole seat without it.... mostly with an old Stanley 100 1/2 hand plane with a great iron. The other grinding wheels/discs refined everything of course, and the course dish wheel finally arrived today. I will send photos when the chair is complete, although I have to deviate from the design slightly and shape the headrest to accommodate some carving I'll be doing to match a cradle. Many thanks again for the great instruction and inspiration. It's been worth every penny and more.


March 30th, 2015

Hi Scott, A few months ago I called you at home on a Sunday AM, got you having coffee. I had a question about your music stand plans that I had purchased. You kindly helped me and asked for a photo of the finished piece, see attached. I made it out of cherry; the handles are walnut. I changed it a bit, leaving out the ebony accents. As you can see I also made the sheet music holder with only 3 ribs. It did take lots of filing and sanding to shape it. My wife does love it and I am proud of it. Thank you for putting together the plans. Now that it is done, I think it is a bit bottom heavy. The legs probably could have been thinner, or alternatively the top should have been more substantial and possibly with some curves to the ribs. But, I enjoyed making the stand a great deal and of course really like the fact that my wife loves it too.

John R.

March 28th, 2015

Hi Scott, the Feb15 submission of my sculpted table alongside my earlier cherry rocker failed to upload so I am sending them again. Thanks for the wonderful animated video it was terrific.

Bill T.

March 28th, 2015

Scott, here are my two latest Maloof pieces. I made the lowback and table concurrently from the same beautiful walnut. This makes both construction and finishing more efficient. Thanks for your help.


February 15th, 2015

Hi Scott, I just finished the sculpted table to go with the cherry rocker I made previously. The animated instructional video made this project very easy and I enjoyed it so much.

Bill in BC

January 31st, 2015

I made this rocking chair from poplar. It is my first rocking chair project and I wanted to work all the kinks out before I cut expensive wood (hence the hunter green paint). I will use tiger maple for the next one, if I can identify a source that sells 1 3/4 inch tiger maple. I cut all the parts upfront and they fit nicely, thanks to very accurate plans and a very comprehensive video. The only modification I made was to put a 3 degree angle on the horizontal plane where the arms join the back legs. That made the arm rests flare out more making it easier to get in and out. Very rewarding experience and get lots of compliments. Thanks Scott.

Teo O.

January 14th, 2015

Scott, I have finished my Double Rocking Chair out of Rustic Cherry. Only took two years. I built your Tea Party Chair a few years ago and decided to skip to the Rocker. I found your DVD exemplary like the Templates. I have always looked at chairs as the epitome of woodworking skills. Thank you for the guidance and ease to build a rocking chair. I have built a heirloom. And learned a lot. Like my Dad has always Said. "The fun is in the Building”

James B.

January 3rd, 2015

made two "Simple" Rockers this year for two pregnant daughters-in-law. Both chairs are cherry and they differ only in minor details. Scott's instructional video is very thorough and crystal clear, and for me was essential for this project which was otherwise over my head. My questions for him were answered very promptly. Thank you! I proved that Simple Rocker construction is within the reach of a woodworker with very limited experience. However, in my opinion, the design is simple only in that it is not frivolous; I find it quite elegant. Building one is much more gratifying than building a truly simple chair, like an Adirondack chair. Anyone who builds one of these rockers is in for a lot of satisfaction and a lot of compliments. I would enjoy speaking with other builders.

Dan P.