2009 Customer Feedback

27 December 2009

Scott just wanted to let you know your movie and templates are right on. I'm a first time woodworker now hooked, thank you. I've attached some pics of my chair. Thanks again and happy new year.

Sean  New York

26 December 2009

Hi Scott, I've thoroughly enjoyed the Simple rocking chair DVD and look forward to graduating to your Maloof inspired DVD. Thanks and keep up the good work.


25 December 2009

Hello Scott, I just finished watching the simple rocker dvd. Truly enjoyed the viewing, I must say you have a gift for conveying the process and teaching. I'm currently building one by [edited to remove name], he does a pretty good job but leaves alot out that could really simplify the process. I'll send some pics, you may laugh but thats ok. I'm looking forward to the elegant dvd and beginning a rocker with some local walnut that I've saved. Thanks again, I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with your whole process.


24 December 2009

Scott, My name is Darren A. I purchased your DVD and Plan for the Simple Rocking Chair. I am completely happy with it all!! I am building my first full size rocking chair with your help. I am taking it slowly and taking alot of notes while watching your DVD. My full time job is a criminal Investigator with the Distric Attorney's Office here in Texas. This project has been so relaxing for me. I completely forget all the "crap" that comes with the job when I am in my shop! You seem like a genuine person and I appreciate your sharing your knowlege with the rest of us. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work and once I master this chair I plan on buying your Maloof inspired DVD and plans. Sincerely


16 December 2009

Scott, I received your DVD yesterday afternoon here in Kalispell. I’m on disk 3 and enjoying your presentation. The instructional style you use is very easy to follow. Look out Norm Abrams. In your phone call last week you mentioned that there is available, a tool list. Could you email me a copy. I think I have almost every tool you demonstrate except some of the hand tools and I am jealous of your boring machine. The chair project has been interesting to me since I discovered Sam Maloof. My grandfather, in the Netherlands was a furniture maker and I apparently have some of his creative interests. My surprising discovery of your web site and pattern availability has saved me a lot of time. I plan to jump right into the project. Thanks for sharing.


10 December 2009

Scott, Just a quick note to say great DVD and thanks for all of the support. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know that I can ask for help whenever I'm stuck!


5 December 2009

Scott an Val, Thank you so much for letting me come for a week of instruction on the rocker. It was truly one of the most fun experiences I can remember not to mention I learned a tremendous amount. Sharon and I plan on seeing you guys next summer for a visit and a little fishing. Scott I am discussing with Sharon another project for you and me. Lastly more than the wood working the warmness you showed me will last for ever. You guys are a class act.


16 November 2009

Scott, Just a note to say thanks for a great tutorial DVD. My wife, Liz, liked mine so much she insisted I make one for her. Note I had to shorten hers 2 inches for she's a little vertically challenged.


13 November 2009

Hello Scott, Wow, what a process and what a project! I used at least 75% of the tools and equipment in my shop and although mine is not quite what yours is, it's stocked pretty well. I am now really excited about the next chair design of yours I will build. I am looking for wood now for a non-rocking design of yours and I need to know what BF I'll need for it. How many different designs do you have or are they all on your website?

My rocker's seat spindles, rear and front legs are made from Pao Rosa and because it was so dense and heavy, I went with Bosse for the rockers, arms and headrest to make the overall weight a bit less and at the same time, keeping it structurally sound. I am a retired civil engineer/nuclear plant superintendent/construction manager, so I always build for stout.

Your presentation was tremendous. This is the first piece of furniture I have built that was not custom designed by myself, although most of my work has been fairly freeform dressers, beds and cabinets. In my house, I have 17 steps made from black walnut with lacewood risers. Each step is inlayed with various themes or freeform routing. Some appeared before my eyes as I built them. I live in the Northern CA mountains in a small town called Mi Wuk Village and built our home at the 5,000' elevation. The house is timber framed. Enough of that.

My son and daughter in law are experiencing the joys of newborn sleeping patterns. I am certain this piece of furniture will help all concerned. Talk to you soon and thanks again for your presentation and professionalism.


30 October 2009

Hi Scott, I recently received your DVD set on making an elegant rocking chair. I have been really enjoying them and congratulate you on making a great learning tool. I have been starting to get things together for the project and was wondering where you get your 5 degree rabbit bits? i have been looking all over the place and cant seem to track them down. Thanks again.


30 October 2009

Hi Scott, I recently received you rocking chair video and wanted to let you know what a great job you done on the video production. I was a little hesitant at first but after watching your video I have no doubt I can build one of your rockers. I am interested in purchasing your video on your bar stool. Can you let me know how long it will be before it is available and what the cost will be? Thanks,


16 October 2009

Scott, I've just completed my first rocker. Your DVD made it a very satisfying experience. Unfortunately my wife now wants one built to her height. I know the rear legs have been marked on the template to be shortened. Do I need to also shorten the front legs as well. If so would the dimension be the same as for the rear legs. Much thanks.


23 September 2009

Hello Scott, Thanks for the update and I am interested in your upcoming DVD. This first rocking chair DVD is truly awesome, if they give out awards you will surely get one for this production. I am building an 18th century bench right now with a twin wooden screw vise. When it is done my next project will be tackling your rocking chair design. Thanks.


18 September 2009

Scott, I've had a chance to view your DVD a couple times and want to say that I think you did an excellent job. I can see you spent some time on it and appreciate your efforts. It was well-worth the price and better than anything else I have seen.


17 September 2009

I found a Davis & Wells single bit machine...for $1050.00. Does that price seem in line? It is made entirely of cast iron. Thank You

PS The video is far superior to the DVD by [edited to remove name]. When is the tool list coming out and the video on running a business?


14 September 2009

Dear Scott, The video is very professional and detailed. Thank you! You have more tools than I do. That pisses me off! Jus' kiddin'...I am having difficulty in locating 5 degree dovetail bits and I would think that changing the seat to rear leg angle from 5 to 7 degrees is not an option. Can you give me a lead on locating the bits?


2 September 2009

Hi Scott, Thanks for your swift reply, and thanks for the plans and a fine video/instructions. It is a real pleasure to watch your work.


31 August 2009

Scott Thanks so much for you video and templates I am enjoying them. Two quick questions. Where did you locate the aggressive tungsten wheel for the angle grinder? Second would you consider a guy from Texas coming up and building a rocker with your help?


30 August 2009

Hello Scott, Letting you know that I received the templates and DVD and was not disappointed by your efforts well done. You have done a really good job with this, you are to be proud of what you have achieved here. I bet it's been a long process filming, editing, marketing everything. I have been involved with filming, editing a guys life who was very Mentally sick 8 years ago to being very well now and off all the drugs, it's to be show on National TV here in Australia so I know what it takes to get something produced. You can put me down for any future DVD's. I hope you end up doing a whole series of different DVD's I think a lot of people would support you doing them. My choices would be double rocker, rocker cradle, sculpted bench, icandy ottoman, armstrong chair, serenity, Baur Stool and I could go on!!!! Cheers,


26 August 2009

Hey Scott, Just wanted to send a note congratulating you on a job well done on the video and plans. I've gone through the whole thing a couple of times now (I'm trying to build my own lowback chair and some of the techniques from the rocker translate) and wasn't once left wondering how high the bit/blade should be, length of cut, etc. Usually the small details like exact depth/length of cuts are left out and it makes it a bit more difficult to nail down the procedure. You make it clear and precise, and it seemed like that was a focus of yours throughout the video. Thanks for that, it really makes a big difference. I also thought it was cool seeing some of the other chairs and barstools you've done throughout the shop, that was a nice (and subtle) touch.


25 August 2009

Scott...I just wanted to leave you a quick message to say thanks for the great video...lots of innovations here...so much better than reading instructions from a booklet...much better detail and more thorough explanations...thanks again!