2010 Customer Feedback

25 December 2010

We finished the chairs in time for Christmas. Thanks for your help. These are made from Paddouk to match the table I bought from a friend who made it from a woodworking magazine article. Thanks again,

Paul A.

13 December 2010

Scott, I want to thank you for the support on the chair I build with your plans...You have been very supportive and this chair came out much better than I ever would have imagined, a lot of the credit belongs to you and your great teaching method on the video. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. I'm sure you probably know this but there was a technique that I learned from the violin days. We did this when placing sound post patches and fitting fingerboards. When fitting to piece together like the legs and the rockers use a long strip of sandpaper like from a flat board sander or from a drum sander and place the non abrasive side on the rocker resulting in the abrasive side toward the leg. First, per your video method get the leg close by scribing and grinding. Second, mount and position the leg in the ballanced position, clamp the second leg on the same rocker to provide stablity, then all you do is supply enough pressure on the leg while you slide the strip of sand paper accross out from between the two pieces. This will then form the leg to the conture of the rocker. I started with 80 grit and finished with 150 grit, this gets it to have a great fint and a bit of surface for the epoxy to bond to the leg. This creates a perfect fit. I do not know if you ever had done method, I just thought I wouid share. I have attached a pics of the chair for your viewing pleasure. Hope to meet you some day, please let me know when you get to PA.

Rich N.

28 November2010

Dear Mr. Morrison, I just received your DVD and Template set and look forward to giving it a try! It was the most complete instructional DVD I have watched in recent memory and invaluable to a amature woodworker such as myself. I do have a few questions about basic power tools needed. I have a 10" Craftsman bench top table saw, 10" bench top Band Saw, Angle Grinder, Spindle Sander, Orbital Sander. I was planning to get a Drill Press. After viewing the DVD, I feel that I don't have enough power tools to do the job. If I do need a Jointer and a Planer, which ones would you recommend for a hobby woodworker? I plan to make the rocker for personal use, gifts for family and friends. Will my table saw and band saw be adequate for the job?


19 November 2010

Scott, if it wasn't for your video I couldn't make your chair. Thank you for everything. Your friend in woodworking,


18 October 2010

I don't know if you see many of the chairs people build from your plans, but I wanted to say thank you for a very good set of plans and instructions for the simple rocking chair. I just finished one in cherry for my son. The picture really doesn't do it justice, and I know he will love it for years to come. I couldn't have done it with out your plans. Thanks so much.

Steve D.

14 October 2010

Scott I am a woodshop teacher at south kitsap high school in Port Orchard, WA. We have purchased a few of your DVDs and templates. My students are excited to try your bar stool. (We have watched it a few times and took notes for dimensions) Could you be so kind to direct me to a source for purchasing the grinding attachments to your angle grinder as well as the attachments to the die grinder. Also, you mentioned on your DVD about a brand for the rabbeting router bit. I am sure you are a busy man but if you could steer me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. BTW, the DVDs were well made and very helpful. My students were captivated.


2 September 2010

Scott: Your DVD instructions are superb and the results speak for themselves. Here are some pics of the chair. One is of this ol' geezer turning a leg and the other two are the chair trying to show it off. The chair is made of some spaulted maple from a cant that had been lying around here for several years. I was able to get a little curly off it as well from which I made the spindles. I learned a lot of woodworking from this project and it was a real pleasure from start to finish. This was the first time that I used a woodlathe (a 100 year old Pratt-Goodell that I adjusted to accommodate a 21 inch length of wood). I must say that I did not believe your Maloof joints would work since the tenon from the seat comes out at 90 degrees and then the shoulders have a 5 degree angle to it. This makes an 85 degree on the top side of the seat and a 95 degree on the bottom. However I followed the instructions and it did work with very little adjustment. I had not considered that it is only a one-quarter inch deep tenon and the 5 degrees is therefor almost negligible. This was the first time in my brief woodworking career that I even touched a piece of 350 sandpaper much less finished my work to that degree. Absolutely beautiful ! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I will continue to monitor your site for the forthcoming (I hope) plans for the cradle chair. And if we get an opportunity to visit Montana on one of our camping forays I will be sure to come by and see your shop. You are not only a gifted woodworker, but an excellent teacher as well, and your instruction videos bring joy to those myriad woodworkers like myself who are in need of just this kind of instruction. Keep up the good work. Thank you and all the best.


11 June 2010

Scott, I can see you are making a lot of progress on your video series, adding new videos all the time it seems. I'll probably be ordering a couple more.

I am now working on my fourth chair. The first one I haven't quite finished because I made the mistake grinding the top of the rear legs too much. Oh well. I was planning on entering the chair in the Design in Wood show in San Diego, so Debra recommended building an entirely new one, since I still had time. She is such an encouragement. So I got to work, but didn't quite get it done in time for the entry deadline. Debra recommended to enter it anyway even though I wasn't quite finished. They accepted my entry! It was Debra's idea to enter me in the Design in Wood show. Little did I know she was throwing me in the deep end of the pool! When I walked into the pavilion to drop off my chair I definitely felt I was completely out of my league, as indeed I was. In my bio page I was sure to credit you as one of my teachers. I truly appreciate the excellent instruction you provide in your video. Amazingly enough I received an honorable mention, which was particularly meaningful, because there were three other Maloof-style rockers whose builders were far more experienced than I. Of the four Maloof rockers mine was one of two that received an Honorable Mention, with a ribbon to affix to my chair to boot! Frank Strazza, the one who taught the several classes I took in Texas, was also there receiving First Place for a Federal Writing Desk, Second Place for a Birdseye Maple Child's Rocker, and Fourth Place in Instruments for a violin. It was great to see him again and how well he did. Then to put icing on the cake, I sold it! To a guy from Mexico. He bargained me down to $5,000. I am satisfied with the price, but have decided I will not bargain again. He was Mexican, so I understand, but I did not price the chair for bargaining. Have you ever had some bargain with you over the price? I see you got First Place in Contemporary Furniture in 2003. Wow! I'm impressed.

When I returned home I had one month to build another rocker for the WoodFair show in Arcata, CA, sponsored by the Humboldt Woodworking Society, about four hours north of where we live. I barely made it, apply the five coats of finish in one warm night. Believe it or not it worked out pretty well, though I did have to wipe off some finish that oozed out of pores during the trip north. My chair was received very well. The contact person for the show said it was 'stunning.' Another remarked how much they liked my finish (little did they know!). I was quite pleased and surprised that they put my chair on a pedestal in the center of the show. It really had the prime position. Given that it was the second chair that I had completed, I had entered it in the novice class. I received First Place and $250! I was quite surprised. I am quite sure I was the least skilled craftsman at the show. I know several had been through the Fine Furniture program at James Krenov's school at Fort Bragg, not too far away. I got to know a number of the woodworkers. What was most meaningful was the feedback I received from a several of those who entered pieces at the show or had furniture at booths. They all said that the chair seemed to be made by an accomplished woodworker with years of experience, and found it hard to believe that the chair was my second. I tried to get the judge who was a woodworking instructor from the College of the Redwoods to give me some constructive criticism, but he just said nice things. Well I know the things I can improve. I guess I am my own best critic.

Again, I again want to express my appreciation for the leg-up you provided me with your video. I am now doing some things a little differently, but I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks!

Have a great day, and thanks again

Jim H.

2 June 2010

Scott, I finished my first chair and wanted to share a few photos. It is a gift to my son and daughter in law to celebrate their first baby . Thank you for all your advice along the way.


11 June 2010

Hey Scott, Thanks for getting back with me. Looking forward to the finish. So the 2 1/2 and 3 will cover all chairs, I'll order large box's. I received the templates for the low back and settee yesterday but not the dvd, maybe it will come today. Thanks again for all your help.

Mark D.

2 June 2010

Scott, in regards to the chair, I have been over your video several times and I must compliment you on the professional quality of the information presented. I have started on my first chair which will be made out of some nicely spalted maple that I have been given. The maple is certainly hard and giving my saws a tough time but by the time I am thru I think I will have a beautiful chair. Thank you again for all your assistance.


2 June 2010

Hey Scott Just wanted to send you some pics of your Simple Rocking Chair that I just completed. I used Cherry that I got rough from an urban logger here in St. Louis. I wanted to thank you very much for your video and templates, they were great. I've always thought of myself as a decent woodworker, and usually do boxes and small projects. This was my first ever chair and I was really nervous about how it would come out. I think it turned out great. This is going to be a gift for my sister for here college graduation. I know she's going to love it. I'm getting ready to work on one for my wife, and am thinking of using Purpleheart this time. I will also be buying some more videos and templates (I've had my eye on the Maloof Inspired Low-back Chair and the Elegant Rocking Chair). The first pic is what I started with, and the other are the finished product. I am having a photographer friend do some real pics of it in a few days and will send you those as well. Thanks again for the great video.

Scott M.

28 May 2010

Hello Scott, Finally, I have finished my rocker and I send you some photos. Tools used, 14' Jet band saw, a very old spear and jackson tenon saw, a stubai 13 mm chisel, a Dewalt chop saw, a holoy galahad grinding disc on 5' grinder, a millers falls low angle block plane, a Millers falls 5 1/4 junior jack plane, a kunz spokeshave, a old stanley square, a lufkin meter long ruler, a makita 5' random sander, a pencil, 80, 150, 240, 320, 400 sandpaper, a makita laminate trimmer with 10mm straight, a fluted router bit for the slat slots, 22 F clamps, Titebond 3 wood glue, Bosch hand drill with 1/8 and 3/8 bits, Well, I think that's it for all the tools. Must I say that you were inspired by Sam Maloof, well, I"m inspired by Scott Morrison. Your DVD and Plans are very good and easy to follow. My listing of tools is trying to say that you don't need all the machines that you have but just the will and want to do IT. Thanks Heaps Scott for your help in your e-mails etc. Best Regards,

Steve Z.

27 May 2010

Hey Scott, This walnut is a local tree that I hauled to the mill three years ago, stickerd and dried behind my shop. I just applied the first coat of Sam's mixture. I'll send some more pics when finished. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise, I couldn't have done this without your dvd. I'm really excited about your other projects. I think I'll do two of the Montana rockers for the back porch next. I'm considering making those rockers out of ash, I have quite a bit of 8/4 here in the shop. It's probably not a choice wood for rockers, but they'll be exposed to seasonal changes, although not directly. What do you think?

Mark D.

7 May 2010

Hi Scott Here are the pics of the stools I did. Totally enjoyed doing them. Look forward to doing the sculpted rocker.

Roger O.

4 May 2010

Good morning, Scott My daughter and new grandson are enjoying the Maloof rocking chair, and I must say that other than the 40 hours or so of sanding, it was a great project! You can tell from the attached picture that even three month old Alexander is having a good time on the rocker—GREAT lumbar support! I got your email about the low back chair and it looks very interesting. Are you selling the template drawings alone? I don’t think I really need the video…. Best regards


3 May 2010

Hi Scott The daughter and new granddaughter absolutely loved their new rocking chair and the stool... Thanks again for all your assistance and encouragement. Any idea when your book will be out? "The Business of Woodworking" Looking forward to gaining some important insight, take care my friend.


3 May 2010

Hi Scott Here is a picture of my "modified" Montana Rocker I just finished. Thanks!


2 May 2010

Scott, I built the shop stool for a bar stool. Hickory is a mean wood!

Dennis A.

22 April 2010

Scott Thanks for the inspiration.

Dennis A.

20 April 2010

Scott- I have been thinking about your templates and video of the rocking chair. I would charge more for your videos. And, if they are too high and not selling, have a sale. For example, my father’s friend could not sell his horse for $600. This guy was a veterinarian as well. So you know the horse has been taken care of. My dad approaches him with anything over $500 can he have. The vet says you bet Lawrence. So, my father sells the horse for $1,400. The vet says,”How did you do that Lawrence?” Nobody wants a cheap horse, they think something might be wrong with it or honestly have no value. Maybe this is just me all wet but personally I think your video is exceptional... Hope this finds you well.


14 April 2010

Scott- Got yr video and plans today. AWESOME! It's SOOOOO detailed. I watched most of it in fast-motion. All the questions I had during my rocker project were really answered here. I spent a lot of time figuring out stuff you show. In retrospect, that was part of the fun (that's my story; I'm stickin' to it!). Thanks. My wife and kids hate you by the way. I swore off new projects for the rest of the year. I really am addicted, though.


13 April 2010

Scott, I wanted to send you a picture or two of my chair. I just finished it and I wanted to thank you very much for your simple rocker design and DVD. I made it out of Western Red Cedar because it is abundant and relatively cheap in my area. It is really too soft a wood for this project. I did, however use some oak in the splats and rockers to add some strength. I also used oak dowel throughout. I put a few extra dowel pins through the rear leg joint to add strength there too.I learned alot building this first one and will build the next one out of mesquite. Maybe one day I will attempt the Maloof style chair design you offer. Keep up your good work and those products your making available to us woodworkers!

Darren A.

12 April 2010

Hi Scott, I received your DVD on the sculptured rocker. I’m in the middle of putting together my first one and I found your video very helpful. I’ve been a Windsor chairmaker for fifteen years and I ‘m finding that I have to relearn my power tool skills to make the Maloof-inspired chairs. Thanks for doing such a good, thorough job. I’ll surely be a customer for your other chair designs.


4 April 2010

Hi Scott, I hope you are well. I received both your tapes and the templates in good order. As a marketer and having established and maintained several companies, I must say to you that your product is well presented and professional. My only suggested improvement would be for you to provide more detailed information (this is also my question) surrounding where to obtain a two things:

1. I looked in Rockler and did NOT find the 24 grit sanding wheel and the grinding disk. I am having trouble finding these items anywhere Can you better direct me. These are kind of important and I am a fairly green woodworker.

2. Also, I have a flexible shaft but want to know what you recommend as a power source. How may horse and rpm? What's best (if cost was not a factor...and if cost is a factor).

I took your advice and watched all of the videos complete once and will take notes my next time around. You did very well....and you communicate very well. Good detail. Thank you again. It appears you have a good value. I am envious of you knowing Sam. With all I've read about him, he must have been quite a guy. Apparently you are working on your own legacy.

Finally, I am a consultant with two companies and only work wood work for a hobby. Should I/or a friend desire to buy a traditional rocker from you, how much are they and how much lead time do you need? If I run into someone who might want one there is no way I have the talent or the time to accommodate them. Note: I will be happy to provide you with a testimonial if you would like. Regards,


1 April 2010

Hi Scott, The rocker and stool are finished and have been drying for a few days, so still need to buff them out. We finished before the new granddaughter arrived....anytime now... I am very pleased with the results and know my daughter will love and cherish it for years to come. Attached are a couple of finished photos. Thank you for all your help

Dave M.

19 February 2010

Scott, My 1st rocker. Thank you

Dennis A.

7 February 2010

Hi Scott, I thought you might like to see the rocker that I just completed with the guidance of your video and templates. A picture of the rocker is attached. It is made of white ash (lesser wood for a first rocker) with walnut accents. It looks somewhat like your tiger maple rocker without those expensive stripes. The rocker has been quite a hit with the family, especially my wife Jane. I have done a number of other pieces in cherry, so she has requested a cherry rocker to match our furniture decor. I will gladly comply. I've been a woodworker for 40 years having made chests, beds, clocks, and a wide variety of turned projects. However, I have never enjoyed a project more than building your classic elegant rocker. The video and templates were indispensable and your instructions were excellent. My thanks to you for many enjoyable hours on a wonderful project. I go to your web site frequently to check on new developments such as the butterfly project. I hope it goes well for you. If you ever get to Peoria, Ill, please give us a call. Thanks again,

Max and Jane

3 February 2010

Dear Scott, I got the DVDs yesterday in the mail and have been through most of them twice already. You have done a wonderful job and it is fascinating to watch the chair come together. I got my seat started tonight and am feeling foolishly optimistic that I might actually be able to pull this off.


1 February 2010

Dear Scott, Got the first coat of oil on # 2 last night

Corrie L.

24 January 2010

Hi Scott, I just received my DVD set. I quickly ran it on my computer to see what it looked like. I would like to say that this is a very professional presentation. Very clearly and logically laid out. Thank you very much, I will be in contact with you in the summer to purchase the Sam Maloof set of you. It is a bit expensive for me at the moment. In the interim I may order the "Bar Stool" set later this month or early March. One small problem. The DVDs became lose in their box. This resulted in a lot of scratches on the playing surface as they traveled across the Atlantic. Might be a good idea to put a small piece of adhesive tape on them to hold them in place, or put the disc in a the clear plastic pockets for shipping (this might be a better idea over the tape). As I said above they appear to play OK on my computer. It will be the weekend before I can get the time to play them on my DVD player. If there is any problem I will let you know. Once again, I would like to thank you for shearing your knowledge with another woodworker. Kind Regards.


18 January 2010

Hi Scott, we spoke a few days ago. Thanks again for the great video, it was very easy to follow. I've attached a couple of pictures of my chair in my wife's studio. We both finished masterpieces about the same time. Dawn promptly sold her painting and I wouldn't think of selling my chair. I look forward to building another rocking chair (to correct a few rookie mistakes I made). Can you visualize a "fly fisherman" in the painting ?? I think I mentioned to you that we are taking a vacation to Western Canada this summer, followed by drive through Montana to Colorado For some epic cycling. If possible, we would love to buy yourself and your wife lunch on our way through. We realize you are very busy, so if it is possible, we won't take much of your time. I look forward to trying out your "butterfly joint" when the video is available. Cheers,

Mark B.

6 January 2010

Scott, Great job on the video! I was shocked that my wife actually pulled the trigger on the Elegant Chair video and templates, they will go to good use. I was hoping you could give me some direction on suppliers for the wood, as you know, Houston, TX isn't really the Mecca of saw mills and lumber yards... I can't blame you for moving to Montana. My Great Uncle's father founder Eureka, MT and I used to spend the summers up there when I was small. It's some of the most beautiful country I've ever laid eyes on! Thanks for putting together such a fine video, I'll do my best to wear out a few sets of templates!