Making the Rocker Cradle

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A video DOCUMENTARY on the making of the Rocker Cradle.  Although I would love to take credit for the idea and invention of the Rocker Cradle, truth be told, I'm not that smart.  The concept of Rocker Cradles, or "Nanny Rockers," originated with the Shakers and they gained popularity after being adopted and built in the Windsor style.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The best that I can add to its legacy is to say is that I simply updated the design a bit.

In this video, I document the creation of one of these historically rich and unique woodworking pieces.  I hope you find the journey as interesting and entertaining as I do.

Thanks to many requests, I am now offering the templates for my Rocker Cradle. This project is an advanced build and not recommended for inexperienced or novice woodworkers.  There are no instructions included or available.

For the experienced woodworker who would like to attempt this project, I recommend that you become proficient at building my Elegant Rocking Chair and either the Maloof Inspired Low-back Chiar or the Contemporary Bar Stool.  I build the Rocker Cradle using the various techniques found in these projects.  While the documentary video on the Making of the Rocker Cradle is not instructional, there are additional insights into my methods and techniques which will prove helpful.

Templates include the following:
1.  Seat/Cradle Cutout Profile
2.  Seat/Cradle Grind Profile
3.  Seat Front Cutout
4.  Headrest
5.  Rocker Spindles Front
6.  Rocker Spindles Side
7.  Arm Top Profile
8.  Arm Side Profile
9.  Rear Leg Side Profile
10.  Front Leg Side Profile
11.  Cradle Spindles Side Profile (21 ea)
12.  Cradle Spindles Front Profile
13.  Cradle Spindle Router Jig Layout
14.  Cradle Rail Form
15.  Cradle Rail Side Profile
16.  Stump Rear Leg Upper
17.  Stump Rear Leg Lower Profile
18.  Stump Front Leg Upper Profile
19.  Stump Front Leg Lower Profile
20.  Rocker Form