Building a dining Chair

Now that you are rocking away the hours in your new Maloof Inspired Elegant Rocking Chair, or you’ve been enjoying the incredible comfort of the Maloof Inspired Low Back Chair, it’s time to build a boat-load of chairs.

I’m talking about Dining Chairs.

Why not enjoy the comfort while experiencing a great meal?  That was the question that interrupted my evening Scotch as I sat in a ridiculously uncomfortable chair while dining at a friends house.  My next thought was, “When can I go home?”

Afterward, I created these templates for my Maloof Inspired Dining Chair to remedy the situation.  Meals never tasted better; friends were never as tolerable and I can now thankfully enjoy dining without thinking about escape.  so can you.  I bet you’ll build a lot more than one.

This project uses techniques explained in my Elegant Rocking Chair, Low-back Chair and Bar Stool instructional videos.