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As a chairmaker, I am constantly challenged and intrigued by all aspects of the craft.  Over the years, I have strived to push my own limits and to achieve not only perfection in my work, but to invent new ways to personalize the things that I build.

After years of design, re-design and countless prototypes, I am now proud to unveil "The Butterfly Joint".

My goals in developing this joint were to increase the strength in the connection between the legs and seats of my chairs. At the same time, the joint had to be beautiful, elegant, relatively simple to create and above all, durable. The Butterfly Joint™ achieves all of this and has even exceeded my own lofty expectations.

The Butterfly Joint™ has sexy, curved details. The weight of the user is completely supported by the joint, which ingeniously transfers this pressure into the vertical grain, resulting in a tremendously stable chair. It is simpler to create (unlike similar joints, which require specially made router bits) and the resulting fit between leg and seat is perfect.

All of my future chairs will now feature The Butterfly Joint™. I hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I did its creation.