Building the Ultimate Shop Stool

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The complete guide to learning how to build the ultimate shop stool. Most of us woodworkers have some sort of workshop stool, whether it be made of wood, metal or other material, that we use on a daily basis.  I couldn’t live without mine.  Over the years, it has become a trusted friend and as much a part of my shop as any tool.  Instead of buying (gasp!) a factory-made stool for my shop, long ago I decided to build one instead.  I believe small touches such as this show any visitor how much you care about everything you do, as well as a way to subtly show off your craftsmanship.  Next time someone comes to your workshop for a visit, just watch their eyes as they marvel at this cool new seating, and you can then waive your hand and say, “What?  This old thing?”

After getting complimented by visitors as to the unique design and craftsmanship of my own personal Shop Stool, I decided to make the video and plans available so you can build one for yourself.  This project INCLUDES the all necessary Templates for building this magnificent workshop centerpiece.  That’s right, the full-sized printed Templates are INCLUDED for this price.

This project is completely customizable to suit your individual taste or needs.  Whether you are right-handed or a south paw, whether you prefer standard arms, writing desk arms or even dream up your own designs, this Ultimate Shop Stool is sure to please every woodworker.  I even had a friend build 4 of them as gifts for his college-bound grandkids.  He thinks they will make perfect laptop-friendly seating for a student dorm where space is always at a premium.

I look forward to seeing your creativity flow!  Now let’s go make some sawdust!