Building the Tea Party Chair

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The complete guide to learning how to build the Tea Party Chair.  Completing my "Tea" line-up (as in Tea Chair, Tea Table, and Tea-for-Two) is this great Tea Party Chair.  This popular little chair is great because when not needed, it tucks perfectly away into a corner (when my grandson needs a “timeout”, it serves the purpose well).

It can be built using a standard Lap Joint or a Maloof Joint, though I built mine with my Butterfly Joint™.  For those woodworkers unfamiliar with hand shaping and sculpting wood, it is an excellent project to get you started.  For woodworkers already possessing a few “battle scars”, it is still an enjoyable and rewarding project.  Go build one and surprise your loved one with a chair they can use in front of a vanity (if your loved one happens to be a woman), in a corner, or around a small table.

So the next time I need a time out (which, according to my wife, is frequently), I at least have a cool place to sit and ponder the error of my ways (believe me, there are many).